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Sustainable Travel

Amongst the positive changes many people are now making, greener travel is an important part of the sustainability equation.

And the good news is that we’re here to make doing the right thing easy, with sustainability built into our holiday planning.

Sustainability journey

In our sustainability journey so far we’re focused on 3 key areas. And the best bit is we’re only just getting started…

Locking Away Carbon & Restoring Lost Ecosystems

It couldn’t be easier to stand up for nature and be a part of the solution every time you choose Tredwell Travel. Because every holiday contributes towards ‘Climate Hero’ projects around the world.

With our customers’ and environmental partners’ help, we’re restoring lost marine forests in Portugal and are bringing back native trees to the Scottish highlands.
On the left you’ll hear from Mossy Earth, our partner, who are dedicated to restoring nature and fighting climate change. You can find out more about these projects by clicking here.

Sharing Knowledge To Spark Change

On a mission to support the eco-tourism movement, lean in to sustainable travel and promote positive impact adventures, we’re spreading the word through FREE, accessible content.

From a sustainable travel eBook series to hosting local talks, Tredwell Travel is passionate about inspiring change not just in our clients hearts and minds, but with local businesses, partners and the wider travel industry.


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What You Need To Know Before Your Next Holiday

Did you know? The type of sunscreen you use has the potential to harm the very destination you’re visiting. This visual eBook uncovers the ‘true cost’ of traditional sunscreens. So, if you’re intruiged to find out more enter your email address below.

5 things you need to know about your sunscreen

Our Green Safari Promise

One of Tredwell Travel’s greatest strengths is crafting memorable Safari experiences for our clients.

Our love story for the wilderness started many years ago in Zambia by Rachel’s father-in-law. We continue his legacy and love and care for Africa’s environment today with our luxury yet ethical Safari experiences.

Our Green Safari promise means that every Safari experience we champion will have the highest levels of conservation, empowerment, community and sustainability.

By working with Rebecca Woolford at Kiwano Travel, we’re proud to be making steps towards a more sustainable travel offering.

Whats’s Next?

We’re taking the following actions:

  • I continue to speak at local events as often as possible about both sustainable travel and the Climate Hero projects. Changing hearts and minds one day at a time.
  • I’m currently working on the next eBooks in this series to continue to inspire positive change with all our clients. Coming up next? The A,B,Cs of sustainable travel.

We can do even more…

We aren’t where we want to be just yet, and there’s a long road ahead but we’re committed to this journey towards a better future.

Everytime there is an update from the Climate hero project I’ll share it with you, to show what is possible when we come together for the greater good.

“By pausing once in a while to ask better questions, travel rather than being the problem, can in fact be the solution. In the most criticial decade we’ve ever known for our species, we can choose the sustainable travel path, or the self-destructive one. Which one will you choose?”
– Rachel Tredwell, Founder

The world is waiting for you.

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