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The 5 best kept secrets in Australia


Australia is a beautiful country to visit. With its vast white sand beaches, world-class wine and incredible natural beauty there are many reasons to visit. Here we will uncover 5 of the best-kept secrets Australia has to offer.

1. Lake Keepit, New South Wales

Lake Keepit, New South Wales, Australia

The stunning waterways of Lake Keepit stretch over 34 kilometres. Known for its water sports and fishing, and with the water levels good all year round, you can enjoy this amazing space any time of the year. There are also many other activities available such as gliding, bike riding, skating, tennis and volleyball, as well as some amazing opportunities to spot the local wildlife.

2. The White Beach at Byron Bay

If you are looking for a truly magical spot, White Beach is a hidden gem that many tourists don’t know about. Journey through a rainforest-covered road where you will reach the shoreline on a tree-filled path. The water is crystal clear, and you may even be lucky enough to see some dolphins!

3. Montague Island, New South Wales

Montague Bay, Australia

This largely flat continental island is situated 9 kilometres off the coast of Narooma on the New South Wales South Coast. You will experience nature at its finest, as it is home to Little Penguins and Fur Seals and offers an excellent viewpoint of the annual humpback whale migration.

4. The Breakaways, South Australia

The Breakaways is situated in the Australian Outback, on the outskirts of Coober Pedy. The breathtaking range of mountains is a vibrant range of colours, from white to yellow, orange, and red. It truly is a stunning sight with breathtaking views.

5. Blue Mountains Waterfalls, New South Wales

Blue Mountains Waterfall in New South Wales, Australia

Unlikely to be found in the average guidebook, the Blue Mountains are the home of sandstone cliffs, vast bushland, and impressive large waterfalls. There are many different tracks to explore, including Horseshoe Glow-worm Nook Falls, where you may just spot some glow worms beneath the overhangs.

Enjoy exploring this vast country, and maybe you will find your own hidden gem there along the way.

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